Master Microsoft 365 Administration with uCertify’s MS-102 Certification Course

Are you ready to elevate your skills and become a proficient Microsoft 365 Administrator? Look no further! Our Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) course is meticulously designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in administering Microsoft 365 environments.

This course covers a wide range of topics, including identity and access management, security and compliance, teamwork administration, and more. Mastering these areas ensures you have a comprehensive skill set to handle diverse administrative responsibilities.

Engage in a well-rounded learning experience, including features like Pre-Assessment, Interactive Lessons, Gamified TestPrep, and Post-Assessment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills, boost your career, and contribute to the seamless functioning of modern workplaces. Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a proficient Microsoft 365 Administrator.

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The MCSA 70-486 Course for Developing ASP.NET MVC Web application

ASP.NET MVC web application gives you a strong, patterns-based approach to develop dynamic websites that empowers a perfect separation of concerns and that gives you full authority over markup for pleasant and agile creation. ASP.NET MVC incorporates numerous features that enable quick, TDD-friendly development for creating sophisticated applications that utilize the most recent web models and standards. The MCSA 70-486 exam validates your expertise in planning application layers, designing and implementing UI behavior, planning and implementing globalization and localization, testing, preventing, and troubleshooting web applications. uCertify offers the MCSA 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web application video training course for the MCSA 70-486 certification exam. The ASP.NET MVC 92+ video tutorials focus on the objectives of the MCSA 70-486 exam, provides the knowledge of web applications, and help understand the topics and concepts. It also includes How To’s that help you with how to accomplish certain tasks.

Learn ASP.NET MVC Web application | MCSA 70-486 Course

Upon completion of the MCSA 70-486 ASP.NET MVC course you will learn how to:

  1. Modify the way browser requests are handled by an MVC application.
  2. Execute a complete membership framework in an MVC 4 web application.
  3. Describe a Web API is and why developers might add a Web API to an application.
  4. Describe how to write a Windows Azure web service and call it from an MVC application.
  5. Execute a steady look and feel, incorporating corporate branding, over a whole MVC web application.
  6. Add Controllers to an MVC Application to manage user interaction, update models, and select & return Views.
  7. Develop an MVC application that combats malicious attacks and perseveres data about clients and preferences.
  8. Create Views in an MVC application that exhibits and edits information and has Models and Controllers interface.
  9. Describe the Microsoft Web Technologies stack and select a proper innovation to use to build up some random application.
  10. Create MVC Models and compose code that executes business logic in Model strategies & approaches, properties, and events.

Gain hands-on expertise in a web application with uCertify MCSA 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web application video training course and become an expert in creating and managing MVC models & applications.  

Pass the Microsoft Office 2016 Certification Exam with uCertify Guide

Microsoft Office 2016 incorporates effective applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The Microsoft Office 2016 suite includes features for smoother collaboration and sharing. The 2016 version boosted Microsoft Excel in power, Outlook in streamlining regular activities, and most applications that will enable you to discover the command you require. The MOS certification validates your skills in a particular Microsoft technology and product. The abilities procured through Microsoft Office certification will enable you to make your work significantly less difficult and streamlined. Microsoft Office offers the best-in-class and effective products for the business world. Consequently, Microsoft Office credentials will furnish you with an edge over others as these credentials are industry standard and acknowledged by employers around the world. uCertify offers course for the preparation of Microsoft Office certification exam. The Microsoft Office 2016 certification training course also incorporates performance-based labs which simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training.

Pass the Microsoft Office 2016 Certification Exam with uCertify Guide

The Microsoft Office 2016 certification course has the following resources to offer:

  • 46+ Lessons
  • 285+ Quizzes
  • 312+ Flashcards
  • 3+ Full-Length Tests
  • 312+ Glossary Of Terms
  • 130+ Performance-Based Labs
  • 100+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 84+ Post-Assessment Questions

The topics and concepts mentioned below are included in the Microsoft Office 2016 certification course:

  • Formatting Text
  • Working with Charts
  • Using Data Validation
  • Sharing and Collaborating
  • Word Options and Settings
  • Tables, Charts, and Sparklines
  • Drawing and Formatting Objects
  • Creating and Saving Presentation Files
  • Formatting Paragraphs and Text Boxes
  • Working with Document Style and Content
  • Creating Animation Effects and Transitions
  • Visualizing Data Using Conditional Formatting
  • Cleaning Up with AutoCorrect and AutoFormat

uCertify’s Microsoft Office 2016 certification training will help you to effectively utilize all the features of Microsoft Office products, and set you up for Microsoft certifications, if desired.

Prepare for MS 77-428 Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 Exam with uCertify Guide

The Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert exam 2 is the second part for the two-section Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert exam. Microsoft Excel 2013 enables you to store and analyze the data. Regardless of whether you’re keeping a financial plan, sorting out a training log, or making a receipt, Excel makes it manageable to work with various sets of data. The Microsoft 77-428 exam validates your propelled comprehension of the Microsoft Excel 2013 environment. You ought to have the ability to create, manage, and distribute proficient spreadsheets for an assortment of specialized purposes and circumstances, and additionally customize the Excel environment to address issues and enhance efficiency. Gain expertise in Microsoft 77-428 Expert Part 2 certification exam with MOS: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 course and performance-based labs. Performance-based labs are versatile – labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The Microsoft 77-428 Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 course enables you to additionally exhibit your insight whereupon you will perform propelled abilities and strategies, for example, creating pivot tables and utilizing database functions.

MS Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 Exam Prep- uCertify 77-428 Guide

The Microsoft 77-428 Expert Part 2 study guide comes with the following resources for the preparation:

  • 11+ Lessons
  • 46+ Quizzes
  • 73+ Exercises
  • 43+ Flashcards
  • 57+ Video Tutorials
  • 2+ Full-Length Tests
  • 43+ Glossary Of Terms
  • 9+ Performance-based Labs
  • 5+ Pre-assessment Questions
  • 30+ Post-assessment Questions

The following topics and concepts are covered in the Microsoft 77-428 Expert Part 2 study guide:

  • Protecting Your Work
  • Introducing Pivot Table
  • Using and Creating Templates
  • Using Custom Number Formats
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
  • Making Your Worksheets Error Free
  • Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
  • Creating Formulas That Count and Sum
  • Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis
  • Creating Formulas for Financial Applications
  • Analyzing Data Using Goal Seeking and Solver

uCertify Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 course and performance-based labs cover all the objectives of the 77-428 exam and provide skills to manage and share workbooks, apply custom formats and layouts, create advanced formulas, and create advanced charts and tables.

Clear MCSA/MCSE 70-463 SQL Server 2012 Exam with uCertify Guide

MCSA certification is a confided industry standard for estimating capability in using Microsoft software and are a useful benchmark for validating abilities in IT hiring and promotional opportunities. MCSA certifications don’t expire, so you don’t have to take a recertification exam as compared to MCSE certification. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services is a platform for building business-level information integration and data transformations solutions. Integration Services can extricate and transform information from a wide variety of sources, for example, XML data documents, flat files, and relational information sources, and load the data into one or more destinations. uCertify offers the MCSA/MCSE 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2012 course with interactive lessons and test prep. This course is intended for ETL and Data Warehouse engineers who apparently focus on hands-on work producing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, including data cleansing, Extract Transform Load (ETL), and Data Warehouse implementation. The SQL Server 2012 course is particularly for candidates to validate their insight and abilities on making the suitable job decisions around implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Clear MCSA/MCSE 70-463 SQL Server 2012 Exam with uCertify Guide

The MCSA/MCSE 70-463 SQL Server 2012 course comes with the following resources for the 70-463 exam-prep:

  • 4+ Lessons
  • 72+ Quizzes
  • 9+ Flashcards
  • 147+ Exercises
  • 2+ Full-Length Tests
  • 7+ Glossary Of Terms
  • 49+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 50+ Post-Assessment Questions

The MCSA/MCSE 70-463 SQL Server 2012 course covers the following topics:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Quality Solutions
  • Extract and Transform Data
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Configure and Deploy SSIS Solutions
  • Design and Implement a Data Warehouse

Gain hands-on expertise in the Microsoft MCSE 70-463 certification exam with uCertify Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2012 course that focuses on the objectives of the Microsoft MCSA/MCSE 70-463 certification exam.