Check out uCertify’s latest Core Java Volume II course

uCertify offers the latest Core Java Volume II course that provides knowledge of Java programming to build professional-quality applications. The course comes with thoroughly tested examples that reflect modern Java style and modularization. These examples are carefully crafted for easy understanding and maximum practical value so that users can use them to jump-start their code. The course has been specially designed for programmers who want to put Java technology to work in real projects and provides skills in Java stream library, XML, networking, database programming, date and time API, internationalization, scripting, compiling, and annotation processing, Java platform module system, security advanced swing, and graphics.

Check out uCertify’s latest Core Java Volume II course

The course provides an understanding of library features with the depth and completeness that readers expect from Core Java. Upon course completion, programmers will gain expertise in:

  • Techniques for writing superior Java code
  • Java input and output APIs, object serialization, and regular expressions
  • Network services, network clients and servers, and web data
  • Query databases
  • Database connections with the latest version of JDBC 

The Core Java Volume II course also provides live-lab for the hands-on learning experience of programmers. With the ease and convenience of the Internet, our live-lab helps to develop professionals’ practical IT skills — which are crucial in today’s world of complex computer systems and technologies. uCertify course comes complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and many more. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt flashcards and quizzes. uCertify Test Prep is a simple, cloud-based, highly scalable solution that can be used to effortlessly deliver assessments & test preps to a browser or device anytime, anywhere. It is highly configurable – assessments can be either formative or summative. For formative assessments, students receive feedback that improves their test-taking skills and strategies.

So, login to uCertify and start learning the advanced Java programming for professional software development.

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