Explore uCertify’s Advanced Live Proctoring Feature

At uCertify, we understand the critical importance of maintaining academic integrity in the ever-evolving landscape of online education. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our Live Proctoring Feature—a game-changer for your virtual classroom.

uCertify’s Live Proctoring goes above and beyond with advanced security features:

  • Customizable Suspicious Activity Limits: Tailor the monitoring to your specific needs by customizing and limiting suspicious activity thresholds.
  • Video Recording: Record students’ videos during exams to enhance monitoring and ensure a secure examination environment.
  • Authentication: Students are required to present their college ID and enter a proctor password, adding an extra layer of authentication to the assessment process.
  • 360% Room Scanning: Our advanced technology scans the room comprehensively, providing a thorough view and further securing the examination environment.
  • Copy Paste Disable: Prevent unauthorized copying and pasting during exams with our Copy Paste Disable feature. Safeguard the integrity of assessments by restricting the ability to copy and paste content, ensuring fair evaluation.
  • Whitelisted URL: Enable access to specific, pre-approved URLs with our Whitelisted URL feature.

Activating Live Proctoring is a straightforward process when creating assessments on the uCertify platform. In just a few clicks, instructors can access these advanced security features, transforming their virtual classrooms into secure, engaging, and inspiring learning environments.

Elevate your virtual classroom experience today by exploring the transformative benefits of uCertify’s Live Proctoring Feature – because education should be not just seamless and engaging but also secure.

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